Your Daily Hydrogen Energy Charge ➡️ The conversation with Trezeguet Kal’air, a man who aspires to diversify business interests across #Africa. He developed and is still building tools that help companies in the #EU Zone enter the African market, especially in South Africa, Namibia, Angola, and Mozambique. He’s the CEO of T & T Corporation Ltd and the Chairman […]

Summit to showcase green hydrogen potential

This year’s Hydrogen-Africa summit – to be held at the Hilton hotel in Sandton, Gauteng, on September 28 and 29 – aims to showcase South Africa’s potential as a green hydrogen producer. “We would like to show the world that South Africa is the next El Dorado when it comes to hydrogen production. The summit will highlight how the […]

Green hydrogen is bankable, with caveats

One of the key elements of the nascent hydrogen economy, particularly the green elements of it, relates to the bankability of it. And I was fortunate this week to spend quite a bit of time with senior figures from the banking community to answer just this question is green hydrogen bankable? We gathered in Sandton, […]

Meet some of our speakers – 2022 Hydrogen Africa Conference & Expo

Green hydrogen is a hot topic of discussion globally and Africa is ideally positioned to take an active role in this promising industry. Several landmark projects have already been announced and started across the continent. Moreover, Africa is in a special position where it could benefit twice from green hydrogen: on one hand, it could […]

Opportunities, challenges for South Africa in green hydrogen mobility

There are a number of opportunities for South Africa in terms of the use of green hydrogen in mobility applications; however, this requires proper consideration and mitigation of several challenges, Sasol Energy principal engineer Paul Schaberg said on day two of the Hydrogen Africa Conference and Expo 2022, held in Sandton, on September 29. Schaberg said hydrogen mobility must not be considered only […]

Collaboration key to realising Africa’s green hydrogen economy potential

There is considerable potential for Africa to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the green hydrogen economy, and for South Africa to be the hub out of which this is done; however, a key requirement will be collaboration. This was the key message from opening keynote speakers during the first day of the Hydrogen Africa Conference and Expo 2022, held in […]

Africa’s transition to hydrogen should be led by Africa

SOUTH Africa’s transition to what has been termed the new gold – the green economy – is set to unlock massive benefits not only for citizens, but for neighbours on the African Continent. However, it will require significant investment in skills development, according to Yershen Pillay, the Chief Executive Officer of the Chemical Industries Education […]


With the use of solar photovoltaic panels, lithium-ion batteries, and the PEMFC, GESS can send 230 kWh of electrical power to isolated and inaccessible regions in response to the local and global need for alternative energy solutions. The firm, which is controlled by Denel South Africa and Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmbH (51% each), is best […]

Hydrogen projects bankable, with caveats

Hydrogen projects are bankable and capital is available to fund them, but there are measures that must be pursued to ensure South Africa can capitalise on these projects and get its share of the available funding to get projects off the ground. This was a key message from a panel discussion during day two of the Hydrogen Africa Conference and Expo 2022, held in Sandton […]