Hydrogen Africa Conference & Expo (HACE2024)
26 Sep
Until 27 Sep

Hydrogen Africa Conference & Expo (HACE2024)

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Hydrogen Africa Conference & Expo 2024 (HACE2024) is the African largest and most influential Green Hydrogen event, bringing together the entire African hydrogen value chain to accelerate the hydrogen economy. In Africa, there has to be a stronger commitment to investing in hydrogen landscapes. Similar to this, the role of all parties involved, including investors, needs to be strengthened as we begin to maximize our support for all of Africa’s most ambitious hydrogen developments as well as all other projects by innovating with great and effective solutions that will ensure the solving of hydrogen industry challenges faced by the African continent.

Additionally, closing the hydrogen gap will improve Africa’s potential for economic development. Thus, the Hydrogen-Africa Conference and Expo serves as the acknowledged top forum for discussion of the future of hydrogen throughout South Africa. Participants include specialists and representatives from many important areas of the hydrogen industry, as well as international investors.

The Hydrogen-Africa Conference and EXPO offer a valuable platform for African infrastructure actors, industry leaders, experts, and all attendees with the objective of assessing market trends and the outlook of various key infrastructure sectors in African countries.

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Green hydrogen represents one of the most significant economic potentials over the next 30 years. It has the potential to alter several value chains in the energy business, as well as in the mobility and industrial sectors, as a result of worldwide climate change initiatives.

Hydrogen is the basic building block of the universe, the most plentiful element in the cosmos. It is the source of almost all our energy and the key to a more sustainable and environmentally benign energy system.