Summit to showcase green hydrogen potential

This year’s Hydrogen-Africa summit – to be held at the Hilton hotel in Sandton, Gauteng, on September 28 and 29 – aims to showcase South Africa’s potential as a green hydrogen producer.

“We would like to show the world that South Africa is the next El Dorado when it comes to hydrogen production. The summit will highlight how the South African hydrogen market can be competitive globally,” says management consulting group T & T Corporation CEO Trezeguet Kal’air.

The event also aims to encourage other African countries to adopt and produce green hydrogen, and to encourage government, public- and private-sector participation in establishing a green hydrogen economy.

Kal’air highlights the importance of all three sectors being “on the same page” in allowing for a successful energy transition, identifying the lack of government involvement as the primary challenge to establishing a green hydrogen economy.

The conference will also aim to address other issues facing South Africa’s adoption of green hydrogen, with government officials, such as Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe, invited to address and communicate with those representing the public and private sectors.

Kal’air says the forum will provide the necessary opportunities for direct contact with government officials, citing the success of government involvement in Namibia’s efforts to adopt a green hydrogen economy.

A green hydrogen forum was held in collaboration with the Namibian government in Paris, France, in May this year, which Kal’air deems to have been successful in its aims.

Similarly the Hydrogen-Africa summit aims to educate South African communities and youth about the relevance and benefits of hydrogen in boosting the country’s economy.

Consequently, members of local municipalities, including Northern Cape Premier Dr Zamani Saul, have been invited.

“We are looking to create more job opportunities for people and to educate them about the new jobs that will be created. We also want to give back to communities in the surrounding areas where hydrogen plants will be built,” says Kal’air.

Further, events such as the Hydrogen-Africa summit can create greater awareness about the importance of adopting green hydrogen for mining operations.

As a result, players from major mining operations will also attend the event to explain the importance of PGMs and other minerals in terms of driving the energy transition.

Kal’air adds that a South Africa-focused Green Hydrogen Project forum will be held in Paris in May 2023.

“The Hydrogen-Africa summit is one of the first big hydrogen events taking place in South Africa and requires everybody to come on board.

“We have an international delegation and all the top global green hydrogen stakeholders are participating. We want to see tangible results from this summit,” he concludes.

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