Why Attend?

The Hydrogen-Africa Conference & Expo is a one-of-a-kind annual gathering of private-sector decision-makers, multinational executives, foreign investors, African governments, and a variety of other organizations to discuss implementation, investment, and technologies in the African hydrogen environment.This high-level business gathering platform, in the form of a Conference and Expo, allows all delegates to exchange experiences and discuss novel ideas, as well as potential corporate alliances, that may contribute in the growth or expansion of Africa’s hydrogen sector.

The Hydrogen-Africa Conference and EXPO offer a valuable platform for African Infrastructure actors, industry leaders, experts, and all attendees with the objective to assess market trends and the outlook of various key Infrastructure sectors in African countries. The additional objective of this event is to offer all attendees the opportunity to foster business relations and explore commercial opportunities, provide information on how to access the whole spectrum of the Infrastructure industry across the African continent, and to seek strategies to improve the Future of Infrastructure in Africa.

The annual exclusive summit brings together major players from the public and private sectors to address difficulties in the African hydrogen sector and to explore the way forward for enhancing the Future of Hydrogen across Africa.

Why attend the Hydrogen-Africa Conference and Expo?

Target Sectors


Industrial Engineering

Offshore Energy

Pipeline Operators



Industrial Vehicle



Heavy Industry


Process Industries


Hydrogen Producers

Fuel Cell Manufacturers

Oil & Gas

Energy & Utilities