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Green hydrogen represents one of the most significant economic potential over the next 30 years. It has the potential to alter several value chains in the energy business, as well as in the mobility and industrial sectors, as a result of worldwide climate change initiatives.

The mounting problems of the climate catastrophe are compelling investment in green hydrogen and related technologies as a key building component for climate protection. Hydrogen, as a new promising environment, has the potential to help cut CO2 emissions in a variety of ways.
To fully realize hydrogen’s potential, solutions to the issues of production, storage, transportation, and consumption must be developed.

Sponsorship packages are available for businesses interested in taking advantage of the event’s commercial prospects.

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Expected numbers at the HYDROGEN AFRICA CONFERENCE AND EXPO 2023

In Africa, there has to be a stronger commitment to investing in hydrogen landscapes. Similar to this, the role of all parties involved, including investors, needs to be strengthened as we begin to maximize our support for all of Africa’s most ambitious hydrogen developments as well as all other projects by innovating with great and effective solutions that will ensure the solving of hydrogen industry challenges faced by the African continent.

Additionally, closing the hydrogen gap will improve Africa’s potential for economic development. Thus, the Hydrogen-Africa Conference and Expo serves as the acknowledged top forum for discussion of the future of hydrogen throughout South Africa. Participants include specialists and representatives from many important areas of the hydrogen industry as well as international investors.

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Namibia Focuses on Green Hydrogen Expansion in 2022, Secures Critical Capital for Economic Growth 

Message from the President of the Republic of Namibia 

H.E. Dr Hage G. Geingob, President of the Republic of Namibia, has announced that the country is set to receive approximately $6.3 million in concessional fees from Hyphen Hydrogen Energy. The fee will enable the country to fast track its green hydrogen development while ensuring economic growth is not only maintained but accelerated. 

Speaking during his New Year Presidential address, H.E. Geingob noted that in order “to turn opportunities into tangible outcomes, and to catalyze a rapid and sustainable growth trajectory, we must refocus our attention to maximize Namibia’s investment potential.” Specifically, the President emphasized the role that green hydrogen will play in driving Namibia’s economic growth. 

“In 2022, we shall secure the first 100 million Namibian dollars in concession fees from the preferred bidder, bringing immediate relief to the fiscus and translating the vision of a synthetic fuels industry into immediate Foreign Direct Investment flows. We shall deliver Namibia’s Green Hydrogen strategy, outlining a clear pathway to unlocking even greater investments and to establishing Namibia as a regional and global decarbonization champion,” stated the President. 

Green hydrogen is, thus, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Namibia.


The Government will put in place a competitive and transparent process, designed to maximize the national benefits and lay the foundation for long-term participation in a growing green. By 2030, Namibia could produce green hydrogen as low as 1.5 USD/kg hydrogen and ammonia market.

With hydrogen now a central part of many nations’ decarbonisation plans there remains an elephant in the room; how do we produce truly clean green hydrogen at the volumes needed to support this burgeoning Hydrogen ecosystem, at comparable prices to grey or blue Hydrogen?

Without a route to green hydrogen at scale, efforts to transition to hydrogen will not contribute to the 2050 target of net zero. 

With this in mind, The Green Hydrogen Summit will examine every aspect of achieving cost- competitive green hydrogen at scale. 

The Summit will provide a comprehensive view of the entire Namibian green hydrogen ecosystem, including the regulations and incentives countries are deploying, the business models to deploy electrolysis projects, the infrastructure upgrades needed to transport and store hydrogen at scale, and the industrial applications for the hydrogen being produced. 

This forum will bring an audience made up of government officials, energy suppliers, project developers, debt providers and investors, utilities, gas TSOs and off-takers the forum will bring together delegates with leading experts to share the latest case studies, inspire action, and make the connections to realise the potential of green hydrogen in Namibia.


The Forum invites experts and senior executives across the whole Hydrogen and fuel cells industry interested in meeting potential partners with Namibian Stakeholders, creating business opportunities and gaining knowledge on the latest advancements to aid growth in Namibian markets. These include Presidents and Vice Presidents, Managers, Directors, Portfolio Managers, Heads of Production, Business Development Managers, Industry Expert Advisors, Partners and Stakeholders of:

Hydrogen Producers and Suppliers

Fuel Cell Companies

Automotive OEMs

Hydrogen Storage Companies

Regulatory Bodies & Government Officials

Technology Providers

Component Manufacturers Industrial End-users

Financial Stakeholders and Investors

Sustainability and Mobility Technology Providers

Energy Companies

Integrated Oil & Gas Companies

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International Relations

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